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CoRE Me+ Leadership Program

Conquer, Contribute and Celebrate!

The Discovery Course at the CoRE Campus at ISL

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked, leadership is defined by results, not attributes.

When I got to know about the program through the first thing that crossed my mind was ADVENTURE - that I was on my way toward another experience that will be fun and adventurous. But that was my expectation and trust me when I say, the reality was way better and much above my expectations.

Started off the journey with a mindset of a camp and trek, we headed towards CoRE Campus at ISL, Kanakapura super energetic and excited. But there was a highlight before starting the journey, we were told to, “come back in one piece”. The statement itself gave me jitters. Regardless, you’ll figure out the significance as I go ahead. So, we put on the sportsman spirit, let that tingling feeling of fear be within us, and began the journey that was going to give us a life full of experiences, lessons, and memories.

Upon reaching the campus, we kept the thoughts of adventure aside and were captivated by the positive aura that radiated from the campus. I will stress how beautiful, serene and positive my surrounding were. The huge campus was divided into 3 sections, the activity area, the common hall, and the stay area. As we proceeded on the campus tour, I was filled with so much curiosity especially when we entered the activity area as everything there was new and something I had never seen, let alone experienced and I was at a point where THIS IS IT! This is probably going to be a turning point in my life.

After the campus tour, we headed to our rooms we were so comfortable and the whole place has a welcoming ambiance. We had our lunch and the most interesting part about it was that most of the main ingredients are grown in-house, making the meals healthy and fresh. After having rested for a while, we headed towards the activity area to do our first task. But before we start that, we were given a brief insight into how the programs are designed based on Kirk Patrick’s 4 levels of training and that these programs concentrate on educational and developmental traits. So, the first task was called Discovery Course.

When I heard the title, I thought it was a seminar but when we saw the setup and structure upon which this “course” was to be performed, I was shaken and mentally decided that this is just not possible. Still, I very attentively listened to all the instructions given by the skilled trainers about the rules and how to use each piece of equipment and that our safety was in our own hands. When we started the activity, my initial process, failed. I looked around and saw everyone, regardless of age, perform that task, there I decided to first prepare myself mentally and go ahead, and that was exactly what I did and it really helped. Every obstacle I came to, I knew I wouldn’t pass through it, but eventually, I did follow the protocol and rules and finally completed the task. I just can't give justice using words as to what I felt, upon completion. The adrenaline was rushing, for real and that made me feel somewhat new. I've never had a more thrilling experience in life. It was like I found myself at that moment. Let’s go back a little, before we started this task, we were told to look into our past, at our mistakes, and consider the obstacles in the task our past, and what we could have changed in them. So at that moment after completing it, I thought, I made it through! I made it past those obstacles, I overcame the past and I am stronger and a newer version of myself. This was my achievement. I realized what my fears were, conquered them, and became more self-aware. The discussion that followed with my teammates that night, enlightened everyone about something within themselves that they did not know probably existed.

P.S. That night, even my dreams were about overcoming my fears and holding onto hope.

The next morning was an early, refreshing start, waking up to the sound of birds and insects and a picturesque view.

View from the hillock

We had a healthy breakfast and headed to the most awaited part of this journey – THE TREK. We were all geared up and reached the base camp and started our trek. The views, throughout the climb, were spectacular. When we reached a point, we thought it was the final destination, but that was just the start. That pause/resting spot there taught me that when we think we’ve reached our destination, There open more paths and opportunities in life with more hurdles to teach us and make us stronger individuals. So we began the uphill trek and if I have to describe the ascend, it was us with nature, upfront and raw – Hurdles pathways, slippery ground, plants and insects to be aware of, but all of this just passed by because of one thing, TEAMWORK.

With my friends at the camp.

There, it was one for all and all for one. Anybody who had an issue, or was tired, there were people always with them, looking out for one another, helping the others, who aren’t strong enough, to make it to their destination by motivating and encouraging them. It is in these moments that one realizes that when you’re in a team, you should work together to get things done. It’s an eye-opener to see, how people truly are in some situations, how help or support could be coming from the most unexpected person and the person considered weak could actually be at a lead. Nevertheless, reaching look out to the top was all worth it. difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations. We all rejoiced, as a TEAM! If not a lot, this trek definitely improvised on my teamwork, how one should encourage, motivate and help others, look out for others, and reach your goal together as a TEAM.

Let's move on to the most fun part of the day – Rappelling. FYI – Rappelling is the descent onto a rock using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point. This was something, that was not there in my to-do list, at all. Coming face-to-face with a huge rock and ropes as guides to descend was pretty frightening. And being the curious person I was, I gave it a shot, and OMG what an experience! I geared up, got myself tied with the rope, and began the descent, following all the instructions because at that moment I just wanted to reach the ground. There was a point, during the descent, where all I could see was the sky above, a huge rock surface facing me and I didn’t want to look down for sure. At that, moment I was filled with a void, where I could hear nothing except my inner self, honestly just my heavy breathing. And holding onto that void, I reached the ground and suddenly that void was filled with reality – me holding onto that rope made me wonder how a small thing like a rope was something that I was holding onto for guidance and safety, teaching me thereof, that the smallest things in life could become the life itself and how they go unnoticed. Of course, after reaching down all I could say was, Thank God! And scream. A well-deserved hoot!

Later that evening, we went rifle shooting and were given a challenge that my teammates very diligently accomplished and the reward that followed was worth it. Because when there is a reward a challenge becomes more interesting and the team is more motivated to accomplish it. We then headed to another task and I was not going to do it but with the encouragement of my team, I obviously did and performed a few obstacles with a lot of excitement as it had a friendly competition among the team itself, and on its completion, proudly acclaimed, “Kuch daag ache hote hai”.

Our last night there and we were not going to end it without celebrating the victories, achievements, and enlightenments we’ve had.

The next day was our last day in the program, we had our last activity, where we were two teams working together on an imaginative sinking vessel, with only logs to help us reach to safety. We all didn’t make it but managed to complete the task. The takeaway from this activity was large. Everybody was giving ideas, plenty of communication was taking place, and somewhere each point was helpful.

The outdoor classrooms at the campus

Now I’ll tell you the highlight of this trip: the – REFLECTIONS. This is a brainstorming session for the whole team where each one would have to tell, what was wrong, what could be changed, and what they learned from it. This “Reflections” session is the icing on the cake, it makes one realize, why we did a particular activity, what the significance of each obstacle is and what lessons we learn from it.

Mr. Pradeep Rana, The everester posing for a photo

After having a scrumptious meal, we were honored to witness an interview with Mr. Pradeep Rana, a trainer there and the person who reached the peak of Mt. Everest on March 2022.

He shared his stories of struggles and hardships faced to fulfill his dream.

He encouraged others to never stop pursuing their dreams regardless of the obstacles and to always keep dreaming bigger. Couldn’t have asked for a better end to our journey.

We bid adieu to the place, carrying with us lessons, better-improvised versions of ourselves, and lots of memories.


  • This Leadership program is a necessity for every individual for self-awareness and building teamwork.

  • I’ll get back to the beginning where I mentioned, “Coming back in one piece”. We all are made up of multiple pieces of a puzzle and this program helped me arrange those pieces in order to make sense and make it “one piece”.


  • Leaders are made, not born.

  • Teamwork is the basis for survival and improvement.

  • One should be confident to be a leader; a genuine leader guides and delegates duties in a team.

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