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Co-Working & Incubation Hub



CoRE Co-Working and Incubation Hub

CoRE Co-working and Incubation Hub is an innovative platform that enables start-ups to grow from idea to go-to-market, by providing them with world-class incubation facilities, with experiences industry professionals as mentors.

We at CoRE Co-working and Incubation Hub, a Technology Business Incubator established at DERBI Foundation campus aims to build the entrepreneurial eco system by empowering and nurturing student start-ups and incubating innovative technology based start-ups. 

The CoRE faculty members and industry mentors associated with CoRE Co-working and Incubation Hub advice incubate companies on Technology Product Development, Patenting, Commercialization, Marketing, Business Set up and Operations, and Human Resource Sourcing and Development.

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Awareness Program

The program is to inculcate the fundamentals, key concepts of Entrepreneurship in the Science and Technology among students.


Boot Camps

Learn how to write a business and financial plans, make your idea market ready.


Ideation Workshops

The ideation Workshop trains students’ creative mindset and inspires them to become great entrepreneurs.


Accelerator Programs

Start-ups receive mentorship, strategic direction and access to mentors.


Incubation Program

The incubation workshop is a one-of-a-kind program for budding entrepreneurs.


Co-Working Desks

Facilitate infrastructure and office environment for functioning of businesses on rental/lease model.

  • Offer training programs that helps in capacity  building of start-ups.

  • Offer value-added services viz. legal, financial, technical, IPR and mentoring to incubators.

  • Nurturing start-ups at an early-stage and helping them overcome obstacles.

  • Establish affiliated lab & innovation centres for rapid prototyping.

  • Facilitating business networking for better and faster enterprise growth.

  • Provide global exposure through corporate platforms and universities partnerships.

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