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CoRE Talent and Leadership Development Private Limited (operating under the brand name CoRE), is a company, incorporated in India, to provide experiential learning programme.


As we live and work in extraordinary times. Against a backdrop of the global pandemic and unparalleled complexity on a macro level, emerging young minds are entering uncharted territory. This has the potential of becoming a tricky period for youngsters transitioning from a campus to collective leadership ability.

Our intent is to address the above context. Here we propose to offer programs designed to help individuals emerge as a holistic young leader. They will be able to frame strategies with leadership skills, deliver lasting impact. Learning how to lead diverse groups, they will learn to build cooperation while driving innovation and transformative change in the new digital-led environment over an experiential learning - outbound. Programmes include transformative learning experience designed to help youngsters accelerate their passion, dream and career with self-realisation as they take the reins of self in an era of hyper disruption.

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Be a pioneer in Leadership training and development and develop the skills of leadership in each individual and make them a better version of themselves

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To identify, nurture, develop and inculcate Leadership qualities in one and all.

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