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Why should you choose CoRE Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program?

  • Primary training facilities with a focus on practical and real-time experiences.
  • Cutting-edge, high-quality training with an emphasis on experiential and practical learning.
  • Guest lectures, workshops, seminars, boot camps and training programs by CoRE instructors.
  • Innovative learning methods which are specially designed to fine tune your leadership skills and decision making abilities with personalized mentoring and tailored education.
  • Real-time learning experience through certified leadership training sessions.
  • Learn the art of network building and community building coupled with a unique learning experience while handling various roles as a team player and a leader.

How are the career opportunities after CoRE Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program?

CoRE Leadership and Entrepreneurship program - Ignite / Initiate / Inspire / Pioneer is designed as a terminal program, however, participants can come back to the centre and pursue an additional certification course any time as per enrolment notifications, after completing each level.

After successful completion of certification, the participants will have multiple career paths

Entrepreneurial Career: This program gives complete knowledge and skill sets to the learners that they can start their own business. At the centre we have created the necessary infrastructure for incubating new businesses on the campus Incubation Centre. Particiapants with viable entrepreneurial projects will also be connected with Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, But we do not commit the guaranteed of funding; The funding is based on the terms between the Capitalists and Investors independently. Joining Family Business: Participants who come with a business background will be equipped with excellent leadership skills and professional knowledge with a focus on emerging business trends and markets and can join their family businesses with refreshing ideas to take family businesses to new trajectories. Taking up a Job as Small Business / Start-up Professional: Those participants who are looking for jobs will find exciting job opportunities in small businesses and start-ups with decent salaries. In fact, start-ups offer attractive salaries with stock options and partnerships in their new ventures. The participants will be assisted one time on certification to attend Job Fair / Campus recruitment independently.

Should a participant take up a job before venturing into his/her own business?

Taking a job with a start-up or a small business venture provides an invaluable learning experience to participant and enable them to start their business with more confidence.

How CoRE is geared up to provide a strong leadership and entrepreneurial platform and what are the specific initiatives that the organisations has taken in the direction?

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Ecosystem of CoRE. CoRE has a strong LEAD Ecosystem comprising of: A Full-fledged Centre in collaboration with finest institutes for delivering Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development, Innovation at the Leadership desk and Incubation Centre.

How many participants have successfully become leaders or entrepreneurs in recent years?

As a new entity, CoRE aspires to enable the participants to lead a profession of their aspiration or to start their ventures in the areas of robotics, e-commerce, IT and ITES sectors, services sectors like retail, tourism, real estate, etc. If you are looking forward to establishing and run your own business or want to thrive as a business leader in your existing organization, then the industry-oriented Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program - Ignite / Initiate / Inspire / Pioneer by CoRE might be the best way for you to equip yourself with the required skills and learn various aspects of a business.

Certified short term courses and programs

Participation to CoRE Programs is open to:

  • Tech and Non Tech / Medical - Student Community
  • Aspiring leaders or entrepreneurs from Non Formal academic setup and from traditional business
  • Alumni of CoRE
  • Start-up firms (Less than 2 year old)

What are the list of items to be carried by the participants to the camp?

  1. Cap / Hat
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Sufficient Toiletries
  4. Full Sleeved Shirts / T-Shirts
  5. Long-Legged Trousers
  6. Socks (one a day) and sneakers
  7. Mosquito repellant cream
  8. Bed-sheet (to cover self in the night)
  9. Notebook and Pen
  10. Sunblock and moisturizers
  11. Personal Medication
  12. Personal Water Bottle
  13. 2-cell torch with spare cells
  14. Book (for reading in leisure time / journey)
  15. Mobile Phone / Digicam (at owners' risk)
  16. Rain Coat
  17. A medium sized haversack
Every participant is requested to carry a medium sized haversack only. Also, please label all the belongings and take utmost care of your belongings, as CoRE will not be liable for the loss of any personal belongings at the camp.

What are the list of items to be organised by the participant for the online course

  1. A stable internet connection
  2. Desktop Computers / Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablets
  3. Headphones and a microphone – preferably an all-in-one headset
  4. A (detachable) Webcam (if needed)
  5. Notepad
  6. Pen / Pencil

Please ensure to have the above things ready prior to the course session, you’re good to go!

Do I get a certificate of attendance once I’ve completed the programme?

Yes. You will get a certificate of attendance and you’ll join a Alumni network with many professionals as members.

Does the curriculum content have international exposure?

This programme is taught by renowned CORE resident and visiting faculty who have extensive international experience in researching and working with global organizations and bring in best-in-class examples and pertinent case studies.

What is the usual class size?

Class size varies but usually it is between 25 to 50 participants.

What is the recommended attire?

Business casual.

What are the cancellation policies?

In the event of participant cancellation, the following schedule will apply:

  • 4 weeks before start date: No cancellation fee
  • 2-4 weeks before start date: Half programme fee forfeiture
  • Less than 2 weeks before start date: Full programme fee forfeiture
  • Should we be unable to accept your application for any reason, your payment (cheque/draft) will be returned to you. In case of refunds of online payments, bank charges will be deducted.

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