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Founder's Message

"Leadership is only about creating more leaders"


CoRE dares to reimagine a world where leadership at its essence is all about authenticity, service orientation and selflessness. This new breed of leaders would rally people and create more leaders in the areas they serve. To create this new leadership, we need to unlock their personal passion and purpose whereby they get the courage to do things that appear difficult, uncertain or even unpopular.  


Come, let’s reimagine our world and its leadership. We wish to serve you to make it happen!​

Annamalai.K., IPS (Retd.)

Founder & Chief Mentor

Leadership is about rallying a group of people for a cause that is worthy and pure. In this increasingly complex and fast changing world, we need leaders who have the courage to dream a world that is unlike the times we are living in. The current paradigm of leadership which traces its origin to industrial advancement during and after World War II is more about numbers, resources and the bottom line. In this process, individuals are reduced to mere figures in the footnotes of history. The current crisis in leadership across sectors- business, politics, civil service organizations, households - reflects the way leadership is perceived and exhibited.

Founder's Message
A Leader is someone who can influence, guide, rally and lead a group of people towards a particular vision. The scope of a leader is not just restricted to setting a vision and directing towards it. A leader should always be honest, ethical, decisive, selfless, passionate, confident, empowering, coach, Self-aware, supportive, self-motivated, among others.  Focus for a leader plays a critical role and a focused leader focuses upon oneself, others and the wider world. As hard as it may sound, leadership skills can be inculcated in our everyday lives and we can all be made to be better leaders and better versions of ourself.

Leadership Matters

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Know Me
“A key area of focus is on developing individual attributes and CoRE’s programs are Designed to achieve that”.
Know We
“Our Courses helps one to hone his skills in managing diverse, complex teams and efficiently achieve team goals.”
Know the Habitat
"All of us are shaped by the environment we live in. Environments often stand between the team and what it wants to achieve."

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