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Program Highlights

Discover The Leader In You – CORE BootCamp


‘Discover The Leader In You’ camp is an accelerated-learning program by CORE for participants to learn and practice leadership and principles taught at BootCamp.

What’s more, you will join a community of innovators passionate about uncovering and solving global challenges.

You will attend lectures on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship from CORE empanelled instructors and resources. Post your course you can start a new venture or embrace a more exciting opportunity.

In five days, the BootCamp will provide you with experiences young leaders face in the first 1-2 years of their profession.

It’s time to step up! Join our leaders’ community. We are an inclusive meritocracy.



Enhance your leadership skills. Learn what it takes to build a team, lead a team, make decisions and mediate conflict.


Learn styles of leading and decision-making in business environment. Apply this knowledge to the BootCamp process.


Network and build relationships with thought leaders from various walks of life though peer to peer discussion and collaboration.

What You'll Learn

CORE BootCamp is based on the principle of “learning by doing”. At CORE Bootcamps, the learning takes place not only through unidirectional knowledge flow in classroom sessions but also through outbound activities, peer learning, mentorship, feedback, and workshops.


BootCampers are expected to be active learning partners with other BootCampers and coaches. Lectures are interactive and learning exercise is driven by the team.

Throughout the program, BootCampers will learn and practice a variety of new skills related to leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

They will learn directly from CORE instructors, coaches, guest speakers and also through their own experiences.

Each BootCamper has the opportunity to be a leader, leading a team and sub teams in the course through its course. Active learning is an experience, and in five days, the BootCamp provides participants many experiences most leaders face in the first couple of years while embracing a new challenge


Challenge yourself

Apply to the Bootcamp. Take the first step.

Develop yourself

Learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses. Learning with teammates who are very much different, not only helps you become a better listener but also more open-minded.

Join a leaders’ community

The BootCamps attract a diverse group of aspirants. Being a dreamer can be lonely. But, it doesn’t have to be.

“From leadership programs to accredited organisational development courses, CORE offers the full gamut of training for leaders at every level.”


Includes Everything (except flights)

Resident's Profile: A diverse mix of students, business owners, creative experts, professionals and leaders from creative sectors and industry.

Location: Kanakapura, Ramanagara District, Karnataka, India

Vibe: Outskirts Training Base



  • 4N / 5D shared accommodation in the dormitory blocks
  • Access to all Workshops, Activity / Sessions during the week
  • All you can eat buffets for breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner
  • Local explorations
  • Endless supply of tea/coffee on the camping area
  • Stationary for brainstorming & sessions
  • Managed transfers from Bengaluru city to Kanakapura city, charged separately

Step 1. Request an application by registering with Course Fee - online

Step 2. Receive an application link online - submit / Get your Invite / Book your Flights and Travel

Step 3. Check in for the BootCamp Week

Game Plan for the Week – INSPIRE PROGRAM

Day 1 – Discover Yourself
Arrivals at 11:45Am, Check-in, Introductions & a Celebration
with Local Culinary Experience & Self-awareness

Day 2 – Look Within
Show of Work & Problem solving Session
Creative Growth: Challenge Sharing Sessions +Planning, Organising and Resource Management Sessions

Day 3 – Conquer Your Inner Demons

Session on Entrepreneurship Skill set & Team Spirit and Endurance session

Day 4 – Collaborate To Win
Creative Growth: Challenge Sharing Sessions + Situational Leadership Sessions
Entrepreneurial Mindset and Bond Fire

Day 5 – Take a Deep Breath, Internalise and Execute it In Real World
Closing Sessions
Checkout at 10:00am & Pack back to home

CoRE’s Young Leaders and Entrepreneur 225 Hrs - Inspire Program

Program Highlights


The objective of the program is to be able to provide students a framework to understand the nature of business and entrepreneurship. To provide them a starting point to think about the challenges that entrepreneurs provide while also providing them a methodical means to learn the ropes of going forward with the journey.

One of the expected outcomes of the program would be to ensure that the students are able to understand the genesis of a good business idea, analyze the markets and know the starting point to target any market. Further, it would also provide them the path to begin their journey of entrepreneurship.


Lecture Session – It is important to explain certain concepts through illustrative examples and supporting presentations and Audio / Video aids. These sessions will be one to many and would be conducted in the form of a lecture. The participants will be provided explanatory sessions or engaged through a discussion about a certain topic to help illustrate a certain concept to them.

Alternatively, in such sessions, movies and videos could be used to provide them an illustrative example and then further discussion will be held to help take the gist of the learning and help them arrive at the same.

Workshop – These sessions will be individual or team-based sessions where the students will be guided through a set of activities. The objective here is to make them think about problems and arrive as solutions. It would also help them identify thought fallacies and gaps that they need to be able to fill in their own thinking of the problem. One or more tools can be used as a part of the workshops

Case Study – Some things are best learned using a case study. In such a session we will provide the students some pre-work that they would be required to read or research and come. Further to this, the class would engage in a discussion about the subject and the challenges. It would also help illustrate the multiple solutions which may exist to a problem.

Program Structure

What is Entrepreneurship and what is a startup ?

As a part of sensitization to the program we will commence by explaining the role of an entrepreneur and what makes them the same. Also, what turns a business into a startup and delivers the leverage the do things differently and grow faster. These are all themes that will be explored with illustrative examples in this session.

This session will be delivered as a lecture with participation from the students on various topics.

The focus will be on delivering a clear understanding of what to expect from the journey.

Why is it so challenging to build a business / Startup ?

We will use an illustrative video/movie for this segment to talk about the challenges that every business faces. There are several nature of challenges that a business faces and these come from both within and outside. What are those challenges and how do they overcome them?

The session will be a video-based session along with Q&A thereafter to discuss various pro’s and con’s.

The objective will illustrate challenges and let them determine the various ways in which these can be overcome.

What is the genesis of an idea and why the focus has to be on a problem ?

There tends to be a focus on idea and idea identification but the source of the idea is a problem and its solution leads to the business. The objective is to help students understand how to look for a great idea that they can pursue and build a business around. Getting the basics right is critical to building a great business.

This session will use a case study based approach where we analyze various businesses and see how they were able to make a difference

Find the right solution for the problem – The business idea :-

Once you identify a problem there are usually multiple ways to solve a problem. Often not all solutions will work in the market and hence it is important to find the right solution or the right way to do the business. Solution identification, as well as testing, is a key part of building a successful model.

We will use a workshop-based approach to help students dive into the various ways in which things can be done and to identify the right way.

Translating an idea into a business – The product :-

Scaling any business is about building the right product. Products scale services are harder to scale. We will use this session to, first of all, illustrate this and then help the students understand the things to keep in mind when developing a product and turning their solutions into a product.

We will use a case study as well as a workshop based approach in this session to help them navigate the various challenges of developing a product.

Thought fallacies in an entrepreneurial journey :-

All of us have to deal with the challenges that the world poses and we are prone to making a lot of mistakes in that journey. Part of it for the lack of knowledge and part of it because of the biology of the human body. Both of these can be quite fatal to a business and to their ambitions.

We will use various videos as well as case studies to illustrate the thought fallacies and how they can affect things in the long run.

Market Sizing and Assessment :-

It is one thing to get started and it is another thing to scale that to the next level. In order to be able to scale business, it is important that there is enough market that exists. While you may start with a niche and small market, it is important to eventually find avenues to grow. This can only be done by proper market assessment and sizing.

We will use a case study as well as a workshop-based approach to help students arrive at the right market size.

Team Building :-

People maketh a kingdom. Every business rises to the level that the people within take the business to. With this in mind, it is important to know how and where to look for talent. When scaling and growing a business, it is important to find the people who will allow the business to rise and grow. We will focus on this aspect and help students identify tips and tricks of finding the right people.

We will use a case study based approach to help students understand the same.

Finance and growth of business in numbers :-

Finance is the underlying basis of all businesses. It is important to underlying the instruments of finance in order to be able to decipher what the business is doing. Also, at the same time, it is important to assess the health of the business through numbers.

We will use a method that includes a lecture session combined with a workshop for helping them understand the same illustratively.

Going to market :-

Once your business is ready, it is important to be able to take the business to market. It involves looking at various ways and means by which to drive sales and revenues for the company. This segment will focus on going to market strategy and channels of traction that a company can look at to drive its growth.

The session will use a combination of lectures and workshops for the students.

Pitch Day

Finally, we will close the program with a Pitch Day. On the second day, we will divide the students into startup teams for the purpose of their workshops. Along with this they will be required to develop a startup through all of the activities that we pursue with them. At the end of this whole exercise, we will have a startup that they have conceived.

The students will pitch their startups and will be peer-reviewed by the other teams that are a part of the exercise. The results will be declared at the end of it all.

This will comprehensively cover all aspects of a startup and the journey that they need to go through for setting up a startup.

Camp Location

ISL, Aerekele, Garlapura Road, Kodihalli Post, Kanakapura The, Ramanagara District, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Google Map Link: -


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