INITIATE -“Begin a Journey of Leader and Entrepreneur”

Program Highlights

Discover The Leader In You – CORE BootCamp


‘Discover The Leader In You’ camp is an accelerated-learning program by CORE for participants to learn and practice leadership and principles taught at BootCamp.

What’s more, you will join a community of innovators passionate about uncovering and solving global challenges.

You will attend lectures on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship from CORE empanelled instructors and resources. Post your course you can start a new venture or embrace a more exciting opportunity.

In five days, the BootCamp will provide you with experiences young leaders face in the first 1-2 years of their profession.

It’s time to step up! Join our leaders’ community. We are an inclusive meritocracy.



Enhance your leadership skills. Learn what it takes to build a team, lead a team, make decisions and mediate conflict.


Learn styles of leading and decision-making in business environment. Apply this knowledge to the BootCamp process.


Network and build relationships with thought leaders from various walks of life though peer to peer discussion and collaboration.

What You'll Learn

CORE BootCamp is based on the principle of “learning by doing”. At CORE Bootcamps, the learning takes place not only through unidirectional knowledge flow in classroom sessions but also through outbound activities, peer learning, mentorship, feedback, and workshops.


BootCampers are expected to be active learning partners with other BootCampers and coaches. Lectures are interactive and learning exercise is driven by the team.

Throughout the program, BootCampers will learn and practice a variety of new skills related to leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

They will learn directly from CORE instructors, coaches, guest speakers and also through their own experiences.

Each BootCamper has the opportunity to be a leader, leading a team and sub teams in the course through its course. Active learning is an experience, and in five days, the BootCamp provides participants many experiences most leaders face in the first couple of years while embracing a new challenge


Challenge yourself

Apply to the Bootcamp. Take the first step.

Develop yourself

Learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses. Learning with teammates who are very much different, not only helps you become a better listener but also more open-minded.

Join a leaders’ community

The BootCamps attract a diverse group of aspirants. Being a dreamer can be lonely. But, it doesn’t have to be.

“From leadership programs to accredited organisational development courses, CORE offers the full gamut of training for leaders at every level.”


Includes Everything (except flights)

Resident's Profile: A diverse mix of students, business owners, creative experts, professionals and leaders from creative sectors and industry.

Location: Kanakapura, Ramanagara District, Karnataka, India

Vibe: Outskirts Training Base



  • 4N / 5D shared accommodation in the dormitory blocks
  • Access to all Workshops, Activity / Sessions during the week
  • All you can eat buffets for breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner
  • Local explorations
  • Endless supply of tea/coffee on the camping area
  • Stationary for brainstorming & sessions
  • Managed transfers from Bengaluru city to Kanakapura city, charged separately

Step 1. Request an application by registering with Course Fee - online

Step 2. Receive an application link online - submit / Get your Invite / Book your Flights and Travel

Step 3. Check in for the BootCamp Week

Game Plan for the Week – INITIATE PROGRAM

Day 1 – Discover Yourself
Arrivals at 11:45Am, Check-in, Introductions & a Celebration
with Local Culinary Experience & Self-awareness

Day 2 – Look Within
Show of Work & Problem solving Session
Creative Growth: Challenge Sharing Sessions +Planning, Organising and Resource Management Sessions

Day 3 – Conquer Your Inner Demons

Session on Entrepreneurship Skill set & Team Spirit and Endurance session

Day 4 – Collaborate To Win
Creative Growth: Challenge Sharing Sessions + Situational Leadership Sessions
Entrepreneurial Mindset and Bond Fire

Day 5 – Take a Deep Breath, Internalise and Execute it In Real World
Closing Sessions
Checkout at 10:00am & Pack back to home

Entrepreneurship Program

What does it take to create something new?

Entrepreneurship is a challenge and there is a unique kind of person who becomes an entrepreneur. What are those challenging and how trying and difficult are they to overcome?

We will utilize a movie and then build on what the group has seen to define what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Why create something new?

The objective of this session is the uncover what drives a person towards entrepreneurship. This session would look at problem identification as well as solution discovery which drives passion. How does one identify that there is value to be found and how does one harness that?

We would use a case study/movie to illustrate the process of building something new and the ways in which different businesses can differ.

What do you need to create something?

We will explore what are the factors that contribute overcoming challenges of entrepreneurship. How does one prepare oneself for a life of entrepreneurship and the startup journey?

How do you build and market a solution, make sure people like it and take it up? We would use a case study/movie to illustrate the process of building something new and the ways in which different businesses can differ.

Camp Location

ISL, Aerekele, Garlapura Road, Kodihalli Post, Kanakapura The, Ramanagara District, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Google Map Link: -


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